Frequency Distribution

To find out in which episodes of Star Wars any given word is taken the most into use, it is possible to take use of the measure by the name of Frequency Distribution.

In this matter, the Word frequency distribution graph indicates how many times a given word has occured in any given episode. You have the possiblity to change the content of the graph yourself by either using the tag cloud or by typing in words of your liking in the search field.

On the other hand, the Frequency Distribution graph indicates how many times that the words, which are mostly taken into use (limited to the 75 most common words), occurs in the manuscript.

Lexical Dispersion Plot

Compared to the Frequency Distribution, the Lexical Dispersion Plot indicates in which context the words in the plot is taken into use.
As seen from the graph, the Jedis goes into hiding around approximately Episode 3, which is when the death star is completed which then again causes the rebellion against the dark forces. The Lexical Dispersion Plot can hereby be seen as a tool to obtain an understanding of the story throughout the entire movie.

Lexical Diversity

Lexical Diversity in essence describes the vocabulary taken into use as a measure of all words divided by the amount of unique words.
From the graph itself it is possible to see that the lower the bar is for any given episode, the more lexical diverse it is said to be. This means, that the lexical diverse a given episode is, the more unique words are taken into use throughout the movie.

Tag cloud