Network Analysis

Network analysis can be used in many disciplines (e.g. in computer science, biology, economics and in social networks) to find patterns and examine the structure of a network; in particular the relationship between entities (e.g. persons, organisations and websites). In addition, it can also be useful in optimizing of different cases (e.g. transport and shortest path problems).

In this project, all the links between the Star Wars characters from the Star Wars Wikia has been examined. This makes it possible to determine the most central characters based on various centrality measures and to find smaller communities in the Star Wars Universe.

Clustering coefficient

The clustering coefficient in a network graph describes the degree which nodes tend to cluster together. A cluster, if looking at a simple example, of 4 nodes, which are connected in a mesh network, meaning they are all connected with edges to each other. Such a cluster will have a coefficient of 1 since they are all connected. Removing some of the edges will lower the coefficient value.

Looking at the most central nodes in the graph, they have a very low clustering coefficient, as they cannot have connections to all the other nodes in the graph. On the other hand nodes which have a very low degree of centrality tend to have a higher clustering coefficient.

Top 5 nodes

Character Clustering coefficient
Karina the Great 1.00000
CC-1993 1.00000
Pre Vizsla 1.00000
Darth Plagueis 1.00000
Talzin 1.00000

Color scale 0-1