Network Analysis

Network analysis can be used in many disciplines (e.g. in computer science, biology, economics and in social networks) to find patterns and examine the structure of a network; in particular the relationship between entities (e.g. persons, organisations and websites). In addition, it can also be useful in optimizing of different cases (e.g. transport and shortest path problems).

In this project, all the links between the Star Wars characters from the Star Wars Wikia has been examined. This makes it possible to determine the most central characters based on various centrality measures and to find smaller communities in the Star Wars Universe.

Eigenvector centrality

The network below is highlighted with eigenvector centrality, which describes how much influence a given node has on the network. Eigenvector centrality assigns a relative score to each node, where connections to high-scoring nodes contribute more to the node compared to low-scoring nodes.

Highlighting a node in the network, shows the nodes connections, and on the right side of the network view, the calculated eigenvector centrality can be seen.

Compared to degree centrality the effect of high-scoring nodes influencing other high-scoring nodes can be seen if looking carefully at the network.

Top 5 nodes

Character Eigenvector centrality
Anakin Skywalker 1.00000
Obi-Wan Kenobi 0.79992
Palpatine 0.79486
Luke Skywalker 0.79435
Leia Organa Solo 0.69234

Color scale 0-1