Network Analysis

Network analysis can be used in many disciplines (e.g. in computer science, biology, economics and in social networks) to find patterns and examine the structure of a network; in particular the relationship between entities (e.g. persons, organisations and websites). In addition, it can also be useful in optimizing of different cases (e.g. transport and shortest path problems).

In this project, all the links between the Star Wars characters from the Star Wars Wikia has been examined. This makes it possible to determine the most central characters based on various centrality measures and to find smaller communities in the Star Wars Universe.

Link clustering

Link Clustering tries to obtain the same result as Modularity, although with a slightly different method. Compared to Modularity, in Link Clustering a node can be part of more than one community.

The Link Clustering method does not work very well on our network, as it is a single "universe", where people are interconnected with each other. However on networks including multiple social media networks, it can be quite useful and gives a lot better results.

Top 5 communities

Character Communities
Anakin Skywalker 26
Obi-Wan Kenobi 18
Luke Skywalker 17
Darth Caedus 15
Palpatine 13