Network Analysis

Network analysis can be used in many disciplines (e.g. in computer science, biology, economics and in social networks) to find patterns and examine the structure of a network; in particular the relationship between entities (e.g. persons, organisations and websites). In addition, it can also be useful in optimizing of different cases (e.g. transport and shortest path problems).

In this project, all the links between the Star Wars characters from the Star Wars Wikia has been examined. This makes it possible to determine the most central characters based on various centrality measures and to find smaller communities in the Star Wars Universe.


Modularity is used to detect communities in a network and compartmentalizes the graph into the communities. In essence, communities with high modularity hold a high amount of edges between the nodes in the community, but with relatively few outgoing links to other communities. Modularity can hereby be used to illustrate different communities as well as how these are connected.

It can be seen in the network below that the network is divided mostly in two big communities. One consisting of characters from the first movies and another one that contains characters from the last three movies. Then there are some few communities with bad guys (the left most one, with a lot of the Darth xx, people) and the right one, which circles around Bobba Fett, which consists of a lot of bounty hunters.